Welcome on the website of the Family Cemetery of Farmos

Our common ancestors, baron KAAS Melanie, baron KAAS Etelka and baron KAAS Ervin had founded a Family Cemetery at the end of 19th century in Farmos, giving their land to the “cemetery garden”, The village government of Farmos gave some extra land in 2005 to extend the area of the cemetery garden, which is existing today as a family owned “private” cemetery. The aim of our ancestors was – when founding this cemetery – to strengthen the feeling of connection, to keep the history of the family for the newer, younger generation, bringing them closer to each other, even if they are living on different parts of the world, physically far from each other. Today this cemetery overlaps 6 generations having “inhabitant” from all of these six generations. The three founders relocated the tomb of their parents into the cemetery (it is in the middle of the garden): KAAS C. Eduard and his wife IVÁNKA Ida are lying also here.

The three founder ancestors represented three family branches: Today the branches are called:

  • KAAS branch, the descendants of KAAS Ervin
  • MATOLCSY branch, the descendants of KAAS Melanie, married by MATOLCSY Károly
  • VIZY branch, the descendants of KAAS Etelka, married by VIZY Zsigmond

The graves of the three branches have separated location in the cemetery garden. The location of the graves may be found under the menu point “Location of the graves”.

The cemetery is registered in Farmos under the land number 68/2 with a total area of 1800m².

The Cemetery Community is controlling the cemetery having the “Rules of the Family Cemetery”. This “Rules” declares, that the direct descendants (and their wife or husband) of the three ancestors may join to the community and may be buried in the cemetery. The maintenance cost of the cemetery is covered by the donations of the members of the Cemetery Community.


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